Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 2023
Identify Pulse Inc. recognizes the significance of your privacy and acknowledges your concern regarding the use of your personal data. We hold a deep respect for the privacy of all individuals visiting our website, ("Our Site"). Our collection and utilization of personal data adhere to the principles outlined here and align with our responsibilities and your rights as stipulated by the law. It is essential to note that any data collected will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. We urge you to carefully read and comprehend this Privacy Policy. By accessing and using Our Site, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

About Identify Pulse Inc.
Established in 2020, Identify Pulse Inc. aims to offer businesses a spectrum of marketing services, encompassing data management, digital marketing, and creative services. Our registered office is located at 244 Fifth Ave, Suite Q230, New York, NY 10001.

What information do we collect?

Our website

Cookies and Similar Tracking Tools
We employ "cookies" or similar tools, typically small pieces of information transmitted by our web servers and stored by your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive or other device storage. The data stored and transmitted through these tools serve various purposes, including enhancing the functionality of our website, gaining insights into your preferences and website visits, delivering a more personalized online experience, and supporting other operational and marketing aspects of the website. When we send you emails, we utilize industry-standard technologies such as clear gifs (small bits of data on web pages) to gather statistics on email openings and clicks. This aids us in monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing our email communications. It's worth noting that your web browser may offer features to block or disable cookies; however, doing so might hinder your ability to use certain services on our website.

Types of Cookies
Our use of cookies can be categorized as follows:
1. Essential Cookies: These cookies are vital for enabling access to the website and utilizing its features. Without these cookies, certain fundamental functionalities of our website cannot be provided.
2. Performance Cookies: Information gathered by these cookies pertains to how visitors interact with our website. The primary purpose is to analyze website usage and enhance its functionality.
3. Functionality Cookies: These cookies enable the website to remember user preferences as they navigate the site. The collected information is anonymized and does not track users' browsing activities on other websites after leaving our site. We share business interest information with third-party partner companies that assist us in data analysis. These partners receive web visit data, including insights from cookies and tracking pixels. Their collaboration is integral to providing a crucial aspect of our service, namely the ability to identify "topical interest." These partner companies are bound by confidentiality agreements and commit not to disclose individual data.

To operate our website and offer services, we may share personally identifiable, aggregate, and other information associated with our website with third parties providing services on our behalf. These services encompass shipping, payment processing, database management, and internet services. We make efforts to ensure our service providers adhere to privacy practices consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Information Processed Regarding You

In addition to gathering data through your engagement with our website, Identify Pulse Inc. may obtain information from individuals expressing interest when responding to emails, advertisements, or other marketing materials. Periodically, we may acquire data from third parties, including marketing partners, and we also handle data received from our customers.

Personal data is gathered in the following instances:
- When utilizing our products and services and engaging with us through various channels.
- Upon registration on this website to access content, you are required to provide personal data, including but not limited to first name, last name, email address, and your company's name (mandatory), with the optional inclusion of a telephone number.
- From first-party client data or reliable third-party data sources utilized on behalf of our clients.

Legal Basis and Purpose of Personal Data Processing

We engage in the processing of personal data for various purposes, ensuring that only the necessary data are processed to achieve the intended goals.

Consequently, we process your personal data when it is essential:
- Within the framework of preparing, executing, or concluding our sales contract with you;
- To adhere to the legal or regulatory requirements applicable to us; and/or
- To safeguard our legitimate interests (such as enhancing our products and services, assessing performance through anonymized reporting and statistics, and preventing fraud and other legal violations). In such instances, we consistently strive to strike a balance between these interests and respect for your privacy, particularly in the case of minors.
- To support the sales and marketing activities of our customers.

If the processing of your personal data is not imperative for any of these reasons, we always seek your permission to proceed. You have the option to withhold your consent or withdraw it at any time.

How We Utilize and Disclose Information

We adhere to the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy and do not employ the use of this data in ways that deviate from the specified guidelines.

The personal data you furnish to us, or the information we observe about you, will be utilized to bolster our business activities. This includes bringing your attention to our products, promotional materials, and commercial opportunities that align with your preferences or may be of interest to you. Additionally, we may engage in market research, surveys, or contact you to fulfill our customer service or other obligations.

Identify Pulse Inc. might need to reveal personal information in compliance with lawful requests from public authorities, including fulfilling national security or law enforcement obligations.

Your personal data may be disclosed to advertisers, affiliates, and other commercial entities with whom we have or may establish a connection, unless you indicate otherwise.

We may utilize your personal data to offer services to our clients, functioning either as a processor or controller.

Identify Pulse Inc. and any third parties are contractually obligated to comply with all laws and regulations related to data protection, online, and offline communication in every country where we conduct operations.

Your Rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

You possess the right to access your personal data at any time and the right to rectify any inaccuracies or incompleteness. Additionally, you have the right to request the deletion of your data in writing under duly justified circumstances.

If you opt to exercise the right to be forgotten to its fullest extent, your personal data will be expeditiously removed, unless retention is required by law or an agreement.

Should you seek information about the data we hold on you, we will promptly respond to your request, ensuring a reply within 30 calendar days after the receipt of your request and successful identity verification. In cases of complexity or a high volume of requests, this timeframe may be extended by an additional two months if necessary. If an extension is required, you will be duly notified within one month of receiving the request.

Data Security

Technical and Organizational Safeguards

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard your personal data from unauthorized or unlawful processing, as well as accidental loss, destruction, or damage. When you provide personal data through our website, the transmission is secured over the internet using advanced encryption.

Identify Pulse Inc. has instituted policies and procedures to securely manage information and protect personal data from unauthorized access. We consistently assess our data privacy, information management, and data security practices through the following measures:

- Establishment of policies and procedures for secure information management.
- Restriction of employee access to personal information to those who genuinely require access.
- Implementation of measures, such as data encryption, authentication, and virus detection technology, to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.
- Mandating compliance with relevant data privacy laws and regulations for service providers, along with the execution of Data Processing Agreements under Article 28 of the GDPR, where applicable.
- Ongoing monitoring of our website by recognized online privacy and security organizations.
- Enforcement of employee adherence to our privacy policy.
- Continuous assessment of our data privacy, information management, and data security practices.
- Regular patching and maintenance of all Identify Pulse Inc.'s systems to ensure protection against current threats and intrusions.

Data Retention

If you have made purchases of products or services from us, your personal data related to the purchase will be retained for 7 years following the last transaction. This retention is necessary for our accounting, legal, and tax obligations. Regarding personal data used for marketing, whether for our own promotions or those of our clients, we will retain this information for as long as we can engage in marketing efforts with you. In the event of your withdrawal of consent or opting out of marketing communications, we will retain your contact details solely to ensure no further marketing outreach.

When Identify Pulse Inc. processes data as a processor on behalf of our clients, the data is promptly returned to the client upon completion of processing.

It's important to note that exercising your right to delete personal data processed for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy will not impact other processing activities conducted for different purposes. If you wish to opt out of communications or alter the channels (such as email or post) through which we contact you, please contact at any time.

Transfers of Personal Data beyond the UK and EEA

Your provided information will be stored in the United Kingdom.

In cases where personal data is processed outside the UK or European Union, or in countries recognized by the European Union as having sufficient protection, we will guarantee, through contractual or other means, that such data receives a level of protection equivalent to that provided in the UK or European Union.

Modifications to Data Privacy Procedures

In the event of substantial alterations to data privacy practices, Identify Pulse Inc. will revise and publish this policy on our website to ensure you are kept abreast of the ways in which we gather, utilize, oversee, disclose, and safeguard information. The effective date of the policy will be duly updated.


Should you have any inquiries regarding this policy, feel free to reach out to us at