We help you make sense of your bespoke marketing campaigns to yield higher ROIs with increased conversion.

Companies we helped along the way


Data & Intent
Driven Approach

At Identify Pulse, we use business intelligence and analytics to map out consumer behavior, market trends, market segmentation and market intelligence.

AI-based Search Engine

AI-based search engine targets ready-to-close audiences efficiently and accurately. Reduce time and cost while achieving better results.

B2B Lookalike Audiences

Yup, you read it right! We leverage our data-driven and analytics backed approach to create custom audiences and increase ROI based on behavioral data.

Predict Consumer Behavior

Our AI Backed engine helps you better understand consumer behavior and derives pattern data that would otherwise elude us in a competitive marketplace.

Discover opportunities

Self-learning AI-backed search engine detects new viable leads continuously and rediscovers missed opportunities.

Target your audience

Advanced B2B AI intent lead generation tailors to your needs for a higher ROI. Find the leads most valuable to your business.

Generate & export lists

The AI-backed lead generation system generates qualified leads with intent for businesses to export and use with ease.

Increase conversions

Convert leads to sales with the right marketing campaign. Increase conversions and improve your ROIs.

Intelligent and Actionable Demand

Our services can be broadly classified as Business Optimization & Sales Enablement Transformation to drive enhanced customer growth and productivity.
We find best-fit prospects and generate qualified leads and appointments. Our self-improving AI finds missed opportunities, reduces waste, and accelerates revenue.

We Identify The Pulse of Your Customer

Tech Driven

We use top of the line AI & Predictive Analysis to reveal complex patterns in consumer behavior. Our turnkey solutions ensure that you spend more time driving effective marketing and sales rather than focusing on your data.


Equipped with comprehensive and critical intelligent data points on your favorite accounts, you can run a highly effective and personalized campaign to create a unique experience without guesswork.

Actionable Engagement

Whether it is a lead freshly inducted through content, or a mid funnel lead exhibiting in-market signals for further engagement; our team leaves no stone unturned for your SDRs to make meaningful conversations.

Make Smarter Decisions with your marketing budget.